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Admin Levels and User Groups
Create groups from all of the marketplace customers. You can give various users in user groups varying levels of access. Give your sales manager exclusive access to the order management page, the blog and product pages, and the look and feel area.

Strong CMS
The administrators and vendors of the marketplace create new pages, blog posts, and descriptions every day. With the help of the cutting-edge and simple-to-use CMS that comes with Multi-Vendor, you can create a copy, format it as you like, and add images, videos, and unique HTML elements.

Customizing the Storefront
Create a storefront that perfectly reflects your brand's style. Without any coding knowledge, you can complete it instantly. The Layout editor, Theme editor, and a fully customizable checkout page are the three tools you have at your disposal to customise your storefront.

Information Center
Building trusting relationships with your buyers and sellers requires communication. By building a dedicated message centre right inside your marketplace's admin panel, we were able to streamline communication management.

Integrated Multi Languages
Sell globally: You can draw vendors from various nations thanks to the Many built-in translations. The vendor, admin, and storefront panels all have access to all translations. It was translated by native speakers under the direction of the community.

Wizard for initial setup
The wizard that comes with Multi-Vendor walks you through the settings in just a few screens. For instance, the Business Model screen enables you to choose how you will accept payments, install the required add-ons, and, if necessary, create payment methods.

Help Desk
There is a button with a "question" mark on the admin panel pages. By pressing this button, a Help section that includes links to pertinent documentation and tutorial videos on marketplace management is opened. Find out more about the area of the admin panel you're currently in.

Center for Notification
All information about emails, pop-ups, messages, and other notifications is gathered and stored in the notifications centre. You can view notifications for messages sent to you, clients, and vendors in the Notification centre.

Levels of administrator access
Delegating certain tasks to your employees will make running a large-scale market much simpler. For your employees, set various levels of access. For instance, while the sales staff processes orders, your web designer can work on the site's appearance and feel.

Reports and statistics in great detail
Without thorough analysis based on statistics and reports, it is impossible to manage a successful market. The Multi-Vendor system has built-in sales reports with practical graphical and tabular charts and is integrated with Google Analytics.

Advanced Search
You can quickly find the desired product among thousands of options using the 45 search criteria. Additionally, you can save search criteria for later use. Products, categories, orders, clients, and vendors can all use advanced search.

Database backup and restoration software
Making regular database backups may be a good idea because you can always go back to the previous state if something goes wrong. Using this tool, you can quickly backup your marketplace's entire database and restore it from a backup copy.

Onsite Editing content
Visually update the content on your marketplace. The storefront and all of the editable interface elements are visible. You can use the interface to navigate just like you would in regular mode.

Design that adapts
Utilize mobile sales to the fullest. Your marketplace is convenient on any device thanks to responsive design themes. Google will rank your marketplace higher for customers using smartphones and tablets because of the responsive themes.

Demands for calls
Your sellers may receive incoming requests titled "Buy now with 1-click" in order to streamline the ordering process for customers. A new order is generated for the vendor when a customer clicks the "Buy now with 1-click" button on a product page.

Various templates for product pages
Create as many different product page templates as you like to give them variety. In order to show small items in detail, a vendor who sells jewellery selects a product template with a large product image. Larger descriptions are preferred by sellers of auto parts.

Various currencies
Since the KeyDevs Multi-Vendor marketplace management system can be used in any nation, it can draw vendors from all over the world. The marketplace administrator has pre-set local taxes and currencies that vendors can choose from.

Google back-end sign-in
You can use Google accounts to enable admin authentication. This is a fantastic way to prevent unauthorised access to your marketplace's admin panel. The admin panel will only be accessible to users with company Google accounts.

This feature makes supplier management easier (not same as vendors). The database's supplier accounts are used to mark goods that come from outside suppliers. Products from various suppliers may be shipped using various techniques.

Google Analytics

Multi-Vendor is automatically integrated with Google Analytics. This service generates thorough visitor statistics for your website. It offers you deep insights into the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and website traffic.

Maps on Google
To display physical stores and pickup locations, vendor locations, and other objects on the map, the KeyDevs Multi-Vendor marketplace system integrates with Google maps.


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