Multivendor Ecommerce Website with User Apps

Front Page

We created the Homepage with a lovely interface and customizable functionalities to make it phenomenal and incredibly quick because it's introducing your business manners and choice.
sliding four images

  • A popular category that includes an image
  • administrated by Deal for today
  • Full-width Linkable Banner/Ad Spot
  • Flash Sale administrative
  • two linkable banners or ads space
  • Showcase of products based on categories for administration with an advertisement
  • Three Linkable Banners/Ads Spot
  • showcase of the top products
  • Showcase of products based on categories for administration with an advertisement
  • Three Linkable Banners/Ads Spot
  • limited-time product display with an advertisement

Product Page


The presentation of your product affects the majority of its sales. We developed a top-notch interface with a suitable product information interface that will market your product as advantageous and alluring to your target audience.

  • common product box
  • Detail-oriented product page
  • Images of the product
  • presentation of a product video
  • Optional wish list
  • Option to add to cart
  • Relative product recommendation
  • More product recommendations
  • Reviews of goods
  • Transport details
  • sharing on social media
  • Warranty regulations
  • Admin in conversation

Customer  Dashboard

Through the customer dashboard, your customers can manage their accounts, view recent product views, wishlists, and purchase histories. The customer profile of an eCommerce system is a crucial element in maintaining your website's traffic volume.

  • Customer Facebook Login
  • Customer Twitter Login
  • Google Customer Login
  • menu instructions in the sidebar
  • Wallet synopsis (wallet balance,Last recharge, recharge wallet)
  • Summary for cart
  • Summary of a wishlist
  • Order summary for products
  • recent history of purchases
  • Address for standard shipping
  • Option to add a shipping address
  • Products recently viewed

Dynamic Deals

Offers are currently another excellent method for the eCommerce sector to attract many customers at once. So, by setting up the constrained timeline with excellent user interface, we came to an agreement on a fully dynamic process for creating offers.

  • Full-width offer banner was made by the admin.
  • Timer for Flash Sales
  • List of goods on offer
  • Admin created a list of all offers.
  • Each offer description page's anchor

Ads & Banners

Your ROI (Return On Investment) will increase and your marketing campaigns will be more successful thanks to our sophisticated eCommerce marketing features.

  • 17 Banner Positions on the Home Page
  • 01 Elegant Banner Ad on the Product Listing Page
  • 01 Square-shaped banner space on the page for the product description
  • 01 Square-shaped banner spot for registration and login
  • Dashboard customer's second banner spot
  • 01 Banner Position on the Checkout Page for Products
  • Admin panel option for creating dynamic offers
  • Put up a banner offering
  • Select items from the available selection
  • mass email
  • subscriber in bulk
  • Choose a newsletter topic
  • Newsletter information
  • Date-based subscriber list

Coupen / Discount

Option to create unlimited coupons for use in product promotions of your choosing

  • Discounts On Products
  • Put a coupon code in
  • Place the item under the coupon.
  • Set a date range.
  • Setup of coupons based on percentage
  • Coupon setup based on amount
  • For Orders in Total
  • Put a coupon code in
  • Low-cost shopping
  • Set a date range.
  • Setup of coupons based on percentage
  • Coupon setup based on amount

Product Listing

The majority of customers on any eCommerce site should expect to look up a product in order to buy it right away. As a result, we developed a useful product listing page that includes every sorting option available and will take your eCommerce business to new heights.

  • Sorting products based on categories
  • Sorting products based on brands
  • Sorting based on price range
  • Sorting based on the dynamic product variant
  • Sorting products based on popularity
  • Sorting by recently posted products
  • increased product sorting based on price
  • Sorting products based on lower prices


  • processing of a sidecar
  • Choose or deselect from the cart bar
  • control quantity from cart sidebar
  • Inserted discount coupons in the cart's sidebar
  • Option removed from sidebar of cart
  • various shipping addresses available
  • Option to add a new shipping address
  • Option to insert a separate billing address
  • Optional delivery (Standard/Express)
  • choosing an online payment method
  • choosing a wallet payment method
  • choosing the cash on delivery option
  • Administration oversees product ordering
  • automatic generation of a unique order code
  • Order search using the order code
  • Each order receives an email notification
  • Change Order Status Manually
  • Order invoice using admin's download feature
  • Order invoice can be printed with just one click.
  • By payment status ordering filter
  • By delivery status, you can filter orders.

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